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School Logo

St Joseph's R.C. Primary School
Ysgol Gynradd Gatholig Rhufeinig Sant Joseff
Jesus: in our hearts, in our minds,
in our living, in our learning
Iesu: yn ein calonnau, yn ein
meddyliau, yn ein byw ac yn ein dysgu.


Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is founded in Scripture and includes statements and letters written by Church leaders. It offers wisdom and insights on living the Gospel in today’s world. Modern Catholic Social Teaching is said to have originated in 1891 with the encyclical letter, Rerum Novarum. Since then, a wealth of teaching continues to give new life to the Scriptures and shape the Church’s response to our modern world. For example, Pope Francis continues to add to Catholic Social Teaching with his own encyclicals, including Laudato Si’ (2015) and Fratelli Tutti (2020).


From these Catholic Social Teaching documents and encyclicals, we can derive core principles.

Each half term, we are going to introduce the pupils to one of the Catholic Social Teaching principles through liturgy and classroom activities.

Catholic Social Teaching Principle: Human Dignity

You are made in the image and likeness of God.

You are special, unique and important to God.

Treat everyone with the dignity and love they deserve.

In our liturgy, the scripture reading taught us that God created humans in His own image and likeness, which means that we are special and valuable to God. We thought about how treating someone with dignity means treating them with love, kindness and respect and that everyone should be treated with dignity because we are made in the image and likeness of God.​ This means we should care for each other, help those in need, and stand up for what is right, just like Jesus taught us.


Pray together:

Loving God,

We come together to thank you for each other. You created each of us in Your image and likeness. Through Your Son, You taught us how to show everyone the love, respect and kindness they deserve. Encourage us to share the good things of the earth and to work for justice and equality for every human being. Help us to treat everyone with dignity and love.